An Impressive Meeting Space

These days, impressing clients, colleagues, and potential business partners is not easy. There are hundreds of new ways for companies and experienced business professionals to show off their skills, style, confidence, and capabilities. When you want to make a good first impression on customers, help your coworkers utilize proper business etiquette, or hold an important meeting, the location can mean the difference between success and failure.

The space where you host any important business transaction, function, or meeting says a lot about you and your company as a whole. It provides the backdrop for the event, and will tell your clients without words whether or not you take business matters seriously.

Choosing Your Venue

When searching for the ideal Chicago meeting space, there are certain things you must take into account. How many people will be invited to your function, and how large or small do you need the venue to be? Should lunch or snacks be served? Will you need an office space, or do you want to provide a more relaxed atmosphere for your clients and/or coworkers?

It is vital to make sure your chosen meeting space is comfortable yet practical. You don’t want to invite a large group of clients to a function and then be searching for enough chairs to accommodate them. You will also want to make certain that there is food and drinks available if there is even the slightest chance the function will run into the lunch or dinner hours.

Your venue location should not be difficult to find, or difficult to access. There should be no clutter filling the space. You want a clean, professional environment when dealing with business matters, and your customers and colleagues will expect it.

19 East

19 East is Food For Thought’s premiere event location, situated in the heart of Chicago’s south loop and only six blocks from McCormick Place. This venue is the ideal Chicago meeting space for business lunches, meetings, seminars, and more. With three extensive event areas, an office suite, conference room, and lounge all under one roof, 19 East offers clients adaptability and convenience other venues lack.

19 East provides everything our clients need for a successful business exchange, including a wide variety of catering options, accessibility, and a professional setting. Contact 19 East today when you are searching for the perfect Chicago meeting space for your company. We promise, we will help you make an impression and you will be impressed.