Charity Events

When your company or organization needs to host a charity event, it can be difficult to find the right event space, even in a city the size of Chicago. With 19 East, you have access to multiple rooms, all with different capacities and floor plans. Hosting a charity event can be incredibly stressful, so it is important to find a space that comes with an experienced staff and peace of mind regarding the event space. In addition to a great place to host your charity event, we offer exclusive partnerships with vendors for your convenience.

Choice of Venue

Under the umbrella of 19 East are multiple event spaces available to your company or organization. These include the Alumina Room, The Bridgestone, The Commonwealth Room, and The Hideaway, along with a large variety of partners you could choose from. Whether you want an open floor plan for a silent auction, or a smaller room for a more intimate event, 19 East has the perfect space for your charitable occasion.

Working With Our Staff

Here at 19 East, we have an extremely talented and highly experienced staff, including partnerships with event planners, all of who can ensure that your charity event goes off without a hitch. Planning something that involves raising money can be daunting; not only do you have to entertain your guests, but you also have to loosen their purse strings. Our staff can help you decide on d├ęcor, set up, food, music, and more, giving you more time to raise money for your charity. We are always willing to update the set up of the room to encourage donations, such as if you decide to host a silent auction.

Vendor Partnerships

Though you are not required to take advantage of our vendor partnerships, they are available to you. Many appreciate the ability to cover event space, catering, photography, valet, and more in a short period of time. We understand the stress and pressure of putting on a charity event, so allow 19 East and our partners to alleviate some of this! The less time you have to spend finding the perfect lighting company, the more time you have to find potential donors or promoting the event!

To get started on your charity event, please contact 19 East at 312-561-3764 or email us at We look forward to working with you and your charitable organization!