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Cocktails Event Space Chicago

What turns a party into a party? Guests at any wedding reception love an open bar, those who hosts a barbeque or informal gathering often encourage the invitees to bring their favorite wines, beers, and homemade sangrias. No one says no to a good drink if the time is right, and that’s what makes a cocktail party an excellent way to celebrate. Additionally, hosting a beer or wine tasting is a great way to have an updated version of a cocktail party!

In order to host a memorable cocktail party you need not only skilled bartenders, but a great setup and venue as well. This is where Food For Thought comes in. We not only employ the finest chefs and drink makers in the biz, but we have our own unique and exquisitely renovated event space.

19 East – Event Space Chicago

19 East is located at 19 East 21st Street in Chicago’s South Loop. Before it was an event venue, this historic space went from being a power plant, to a favored hangout of Al Capone’s, a tire factory, then taxi company. It still lies just across the alley from one of Capone’s old speakeasies, a testimony to the true history and excitement embedded in the walls of this building.

Eventually, 19 East became a renovated event space, and was given its current title when Food For Thought took over. Now presented for those who wish to bring their dream weddings, galas, and cocktail parties to life in the 21st century, 19 East stands as a versatile 10,000 square foot venue space. It is fitted with hardwood floors, tall ceilings, steel beams, and built in marble bars.

The rooms are veined by the past, but display modern vibrancy and style. There are four separate areas, including the Alumina Room, the Bridgestone Room, the Commonwealth Room, and the Hideaway (perfect for small gatherings), each boasting its own unique vitality. 19 East maintains an air of dignity and simple elegance, making it a highly amendable space. Various floor plan options are always available so that clients may decide on the best layout for their event.

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Whether you are concerned about the drink selection, the bite-sized delicacies that make good cocktail parties great, or the beauty of your venue, Food For Thought can help relieve all the stress. With more than thirty years of experience, our chefs are always inventive and dependable, our bartenders unafraid to try something new, and our beautiful 19 East will surely dazzle all your guests.

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Don’t trust your next cocktail event to just anyone. Contact Food For Thought and come visit us at 19 East where you can check out the eclectic design, modern vitality and versatility of our space, and talk with our expert event planners. We promise to make your cocktail party unforgettable!