When you are searching for a Chicago event space to host your conference, look no further than 19 East! Conferences can be extremely stressful to put together and plan, so you want an event space that can help you with as much as possible. From a small company conference to a large corporate conference, we have the space available. With four different rooms, plenty of vendor partnerships, the experience necessary, and more, 19 East is the best choice for your event.

Chicago Conference Events

The city of Chicago is home to hundreds of thousands of businesses, ranging from small to Fortune 500 corporations. These businesses host conferences often, whether for employees, company partners, people in the same industry, etc. No matter the audience, your organization wants to make sure they impress everyone involved. The business is the face of the conference; if something goes wrong, it reflects poorly on the company and those that are in charge. However, when a conference goes smoothly, the business greatly benefits.

Choose 19 East

With 19 East, you get a host of amenities. We have four different rooms that can be arranged in a variety of ways, whether you need lots of seating, tables, or enough room to move around. In all four rooms we offer complimentary Wi-Fi, which is necessary for most conferences. Our staff is happy to discuss the exact needs of your conference and determine the best room and set-up for your event; we can also rearrange throughout the event if necessary. We also offer many exclusive partners to help you plan your conference, from caterers to valets.

One of our vendor partners is Food For Thought Catering Group, who can ensure that you have a delicious spread at your conference. Their conference catering services are top notch, and include everything from breakfast to a five-course meal. Whether you’ll be hosting a weekend conference, or just a short couple of hours, make sure the food is amazing with Food For Thought Catering Group.

More Than Just a Location

For your conference venue, you want somewhere that will assist you in the planning, wow the attendees, and more. Avoid your typical “business conference” setting with stale pastries and burnt coffee with 19 East! We can help make your company’s conference something employees and other attendees will be discussing for days after.

There is nothing typical about 19 East’s unique meeting space. Not only does it feature private meeting rooms in a lofted suite, but its three event rooms offer a mix of classic to contemporary designs, creating a one of Chicago’s most diverse and versatile event spaces. All of this is housed in a beautiful and historic venue that once housed what would become today’s ComEd, and was even tied at one point to Al Capone.

With beautiful event spaces, talented vendor partners, free Wi-Fi, a committed staff, and more, 19 East is the Chicago venue you have been searching for!