Company Retreats

Planning a company retreat is a great way to strengthen bonds between coworkers, build up the loyalty and dedication of your team, and inspire superior creativity while tackling an otherwise monotonous workload. Corporate retreats can be almost anything you want them to be, and often include a range of different tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner – and are best handled by a team rather than one or two individuals.

A great way to further inspire hardworking associates before the end of a successful retreat, or harness their inspiration early on, is to find a location that provides ample space and comfort to encourage productiveness. Choosing the best destination for your retreat will have a lot of influence over the work you will accomplish. No one wants to discuss business in a noisy, messy, or cramped environment, especially when they are already travelling.

This is where Food For Thought comes in. As a reputable catering company with more than thirty years of experience, you can trust us when we recommend our premiere event location, 19 East, for your next company retreat.

Our Venue

19 East is a special kind of event location. With over 10,000 square feet of space, three distinct event spaces, and various lounges and private offices, it is the ideal location for any group striving to better their company.

At 19 East, you will get exclusive access to your very own planning assistants. Our team will take care of all the details that come with planning a successful corporate retreat. With 19 East, you get the chance to work with Food For Thought’s experienced chefs to create the ideal menu. We believe every aspect of your event should be customizable to fit your needs and vision. 19 East is also perfect for multi-day events, so if your retreat is designed to last longer than a weekend, look no further.

Finally, 19 East offers one of the best locations in Chicago for transportation. Situated just six blocks from McCormick Place, and only two blocks from the CTA green line, you can guarantee getting around the city will be a breeze.

Our Promise

19 East is not just an event venue; it is a one of a kind location where our team is dedicated to making every event memorable and significant. You can count on us to bring comfort, adaptability, and professionalism to your company retreat, so call today, and start planning your company’s next big move.