What Makes A Great Venue?

An event venue should be spacious, but not cavernous. It should be versatile and amendable, large enough to fit many guests, but small enough that orchestrating a level of intimacy and comfort is fairly simple. Venues should also have windows to allow for natural light during daytime events, a wide array of floor plans, and sophisticated features that stand out.

In the vast city of Chicago it is difficult to find a proper location for daytime events that includes such details while remaining unique and adaptable. However, thanks to Food For Thought, there is now just such a venue situated in the heart of Chicago’s south loop.

Features of 19 East

19 East is a contemporary, one of a kind event space located on 21st Street. Steeped in history, the Chicago Illuminating Company once owned this venue back in the 1800s, long before it was acquired by Food For Thought. This eclectic space paints a perfect setting for any kind of event, from its various rooms and event spaces, to its easy to find location.

19 East is just two blocks away from the CTA green line, six blocks from McCormick Place, and a twenty-minute drive to the Gold Coast, making it easy to find and a dream location for those who wish to be close to the heart of the city. There is also street parking, garages, and valet options available.

The inside of 19 East sports many unique, eye-catching features, like expansive hardwood floors, steel beams, twelve to twenty-eight foot tall ceilings, natural lighting, mosaic tile throughout the space, and built-in marble bars. The three event rooms offer variety for clients who desire some distinction. The Alumina and Bridgestone Rooms are both wide-open floor plans suitable for large gatherings. The Commonwealth Room connects to the balcony and Hideaway, a contemporary loft area. These options make 19 East the perfect place to host small events like business meetings and conferences, or those with a 500-person guest list. From corporate luncheons to wedding showers, 19 East is here for you.

There are also private offices, lounges, and upstairs washrooms available for client use. Other features include draped partitions, tables, chameleon chairs and barstools, various fabric options for seating, adjustable lighting, complimentary Wi-Fi, security, a speaker system, and more.

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