Events for Car Dealers

From tech gadgets to toys, a lot of brands these days like to hold special events that showcase their newest products and promotions. Planning such an occasion can be difficult when the products you are selling are cars; not every venue can accommodate the large size of the vehicles while still fitting people inside! If you work for a car dealership and are looking to host an event, look no further than 19 East in Chicago.

Car Shows or Promotions

Are you holding a special promotion and want to spread the word? Or, do you want to show off your dealership’s latest line of vehicles for past and potential buyers? Food For Thought’s 19 East has the space to accommodate your needs. Our location is 10,000 square feet — perfect for holding all your attendees as well as displaying cars inside or out. Should you want to plan an event to announce a special event or deal happening in your organization, we can help with booths, screens, or anything else you may need to make the occasion memorable for all guests.

Sales or Corporate Events

If you decide to instead throw a general event to thank staff, clients or investors, we can transform any of the rooms into the perfect setting for your party. Whether you opt for a formal, seated dinner, or decide on smaller, passed-around appetizers, you can pick one of our pre-made floor plans or create your own to best suit your guest count and your vision for the occasion. Food For Thought’s catering service is also available to help you put together a menu and make sure the event is carried out smoothly.

Get Started Today — Contact 19 East!

Working for a car dealership means forming and maintaining close relationships with those who are keeping your business afloat — investors, employees, and of course, the customers. Show your appreciation with a special event held at 19 East in the lovely South Loop neighborhood in Chicago. You can learn more and view floor plans on our website, or call us today to get started at 312-561-4678.