Importance of A Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator

Planning a wedding is a very long, detailed process. There are what feels like a million little things to consider, and more choices than anyone could imagine. Whether you are picking out the perfect color palette for your bridal party, or planning the menu for your reception, getting married can include a lot of stressful back and forth before the right decisions are made.

One very important aspect of wedding planning all couples must consider is the possibility of hiring an event coordinator. Professional wedding planners are experienced with the decision making process, the organizing, and can eliminate the stress that often comes with cultivating the wedding of someone’s dreams.

19 East

Food For Thought’s premiere event location, 19 East, has been the chosen venue for innumerable couples looking to tie the knot. 19 East also offers a solution to those seeking experienced, professional coordinators who will help bring their vision to life.

Our event location not only includes features such as built-in marble bars, hardwood floors, and cathedral ceilings, but our unique and knowledgeable event planning team, as well. When you decide to have your wedding and/or reception at 19 East, you will get to work closely with our experienced coordinators.

This exquisite space is managed by the same innovative individuals who have made Food For Thought one of the most reputable catering companies in Chicago. We will personalize your experience, leaving nothing to chance, and making sure everything is exactly how you want it to be on your big day. From the food to managing setup, our team at 19 East will make sure your wedding day runs smoothly, so all you have to worry about is showing up.

Food For Thought

Deciding to hire a wedding planner for your big day can turn the hectic planning into a fun, exciting process. You will feel much more relaxed knowing most of the finer details, like hiring a decorator or making sure the DJ knows where to set up, is all taken care of before the big day arrives.

If you have yet to find the ideal venue for your wedding, along with a helpful event team, contact Food For Thought and check out 19 East. It is the perfect place for almost any kind of event or reception, and our expert coordinators will work with you to make sure your big day turns out as wonderful as you imagined.