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Milestones. They are important occasions in our lives; the things we strive for, reach, and deem significant, such as fiftieth birthdays and anniversaries, promotions, and engagements. These are just a few examples of what many people would call a milestone. These are the reasons we celebrate-the happiness behind our smiles. No one wants to miss an opportunity to raise a glass of champagne and toast these special moments, not to mention the chances they offer to celebrate with those who are important in our lives.

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Food For Thought is a catering company that turns every occasion into an epicurean experience, but we aren’t just all about food. Our very own venue, 19 East, is the perfect location for any party, event, or ceremony. This historic place has evolved from its beginnings as a power plant in the late nineteenth century, to a shooting range used by Al Capone, to a tire manufacturing site, taxi company, and eventually this incredible event space. Food For Thought took ownership of 19 East in 2014, and has since turned it into a versatile venue for celebrations of all types.

At 19 East, we believe that a milestone, whether it be a birthday or an anniversary, is something worth celebrating. With cathedral ceilings, built in marble bars, and hardwood floors, the exquisite grouping of four rooms gives this 10,000 square foot space unlimited potential and makes it the perfect venue for any occasion.

Food For Thought will provide top notch event planning assistance, from floor plan setup to suggesting reliable outside vendors, and do everything in our power to make certain your milestone celebration is unforgettable. With over thirty years of experience, we can turn 19 East into your dream celebration space.

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Food For Thought is also a top choice for party and event planners who demand nothing less than delicious meals and hors d’oeuvres. We often work with local farms to serve up the freshest, finest quality food and incomparable variety. At 19 East, with Food For Thought in your corner and providing the meal, you can’t go wrong.

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At 19 East, we don’t believe in mediocrity. We believe in making sure every little detail is perfect. Nothing goes unnoticed at any event, and we understand that to avoid mistakes and embarrassments, nothing must be left to chance. Contact us today at 19 East to start planning your “destined to be extraordinary” milestone celebration. Let us bring your ideal event to life by perfecting the setup, decorating, lighting, music, food, and everything else in between. We guarantee to help you host an unforgettable celebration.