Planning Your Wedding

Your engagement is just the beginning of the wedding planning process. Celebrating is first on your to do list, as it should be, then once people start asking when you plan on exchanging “I dos,” and what kind of venue interests you, the real work begins.

Among champagne toasts, telling your parents, and showing off the ring, exists an array of questions and excitement. What kind of food are you going to serve? How many guests do you want to invite? What season will you choose? Do you have a color schemed picked out yet?

These are all important questions, but being bombarded with them can make anyone’s head spin. You don’t want to miss anything important, or pass over small details that can make a huge impact. This is why it is good to have a post engagement checklist, as it will help you stay on task through all the hectic activity of planning your wedding.

Your Post Engagement Checklist

  • Determine the Date
    This is one of the most important things you can add to your post engagement checklist. It is also the first thing people ask once they find out you’re engaged. However, it’s hard to pick a date when you haven’t chosen a venue yet. Both are at the top of your to dos, and remember to take into account any events that might be coming up during the year that you and your partner plan on tying the knot. (The last thing you want is for your wedding to conflict with other important events such as family reunions or graduations.)
  • Choose the Style
    This will help you navigate through the rest of the planning process. Do you see the ceremony taking place in a glamorous ballroom, a garden, a warmly lit country barn, or on a tropical beach? Are you thinking of a destination wedding, or staying close to home? Do you want to go formal or more casual? Do you want glitter and glam, or a rustic, vintage vibe? What is your imagination telling you? These are things you will need to think about to plan the wedding of your dreams.
  • Pick a Venue
    This is key to setting the style of your wedding. One location might fit your ideal vision to a T, or you could end up planning the big day around a venue you and your partner fall in love with. Either way, the venue and the style of your wedding go hand in hand, so decide on both before moving any further down the list.
  • Establish a Budget
    Sit down with parents and loved ones to find out who is contributing what, and go from there. Settle on the amount you are willing to spend with your fiancé before diving into anything else.
  • Draft the Guest List
    Oftentimes, we have more people in mind to invite than even we realized, and it is important to write down names so you don’t forget anyone. You will probably cut down your list as you analyze it with your partner, and he or she will undoubtedly cut down theirs. The venue you have chosen will also affect the final tally, as most spaces have an occupancy limit. You will also have to consider the guest list your parents wish to add.
    Remember to stick to your budget, and consider the theme. Do you envision a small, personal affair where you can spend time with every guest, or do you want to throw a Gatsby-esque party for all to enjoy? Once you have a head count, you can move down the checklist.
  • Create a Registry
    Guests will be wondering about what you and your partner need (and want) long before the big day, and it’s important to have someplace for them to easily get the answers. Including registry links on your wedding website is an easy way to make sure everyone sees the list, and stays on top of updates.
  • Choose Your Wedding Party
    This will undoubtedly be one of the more fun activities on your to do list. Ask early and consider everyone important to you. The quicker you have your bridesmaids and groomsmen selected, the sooner they can assist with planning. Don’t forget to be considerate of the timing, as some friends you ask might have other things going on in their lives which will make it hard for them to participate. Also, be considerate of what you are expecting those in your wedding party to spend.
  • Research Vendors
    Finding the right vendors, from caterers to photographers, is paramount. Many quality vendors are booked far in advance, so be sure to peruse your options and commit early.
  • Search for a Dress
    This is a fun activity that can become stressful if you wait too long. Start by searching online, finding styles you like, designers that inspire you, and boutiques that carry gowns which fit your budget.

The Menu

One more thing you will have to decide on when planning your wedding is the catering. Do the venues you’re considering allow outside catering? Maybe you haven’t picked the location yet, and you want to find a venue that will provide a quality catering service which fits your budget and reflects your sense of style.

Contact Food For Thought if you have yet to find the perfect caterer, and check out our versatile event space 19 East, located in Chicago’s south loop. We have hosted hundreds of unique events and always provide mouthwatering, versatile menu options. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.