Publicizing a New Product

Companies thrive off of a great reputation. To establish new business, a company needs to produce new merchandise. Launching products and product lines can be as simple as issuing a press release or paying for billboard advertisements, but to really make an impact, some companies choose to go the extra mile.

Often, businesses take it upon themselves to introduce new inventions creatively. Whether it’s a smart phone packed with the latest technology, or a new line of cosmetics, all companies can understand the lucrative importance of a launch party.

Hosting an event to celebrate the launch of any new product gives a company the chance to display their hard work and innovative designs in whichever style they prefer. It is the ideal way of getting the word out to the right people and attracting new customers.

A big announcement should always be treated as such, and with the right planning, a product launch party can introduce new avenues of opportunity. Not only will it help establish the ideal message you want people to associate with your product, it will also keep up morale for employees, company partners, and your sales team.

Planning the Perfect Launch

Organizing the perfect launch party for any new product is not easy. It requires a lot of forethought and consideration. You must think of the audience you are trying to attract, whether that be media, consumers, or important figureheads in the business world. You must also be sure the message surrounding your new product is clear and innovative. Every detail has to reflect the idea you are trying to sell.

When you are sifting through these details, one very important factor is location. Where you hold your launch event will underline the image of your product. Guests will associate your company and its merchandise with the space you select.

19 East is an ideal space for all different types of special events. Customization is key for product launch parties, and we take every last detail into consideration. At 19 East, we work with you to fine tune everything from the food, to the music and lighting. With 10,000 square feet of amendable urban space, there is very little we cannot do.

Located in Chicago’s South Loop, only six blocks from McCormick Place, 19 East is a renovated event space filled with history and originality. Parking is readily available nearby. The building itself includes hardwood flooring, steel beams, high ceilings, built in marble bars, and adjustable lighting. We can seat up to 250 guests at a time for dinner events.

Recently acquired by the catering company, Food For Thought, our team gets to work closely with you to personalize every aspect of the meal, as well. A customized menu, developed under your supervision, ensures delicious food that mirrors the style of your event. Beverages, appetizers, and more are taken care of so you have one less thing to worry about.

Contact 19 East

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