Silent Auctions

Anyone that has worked on a charity event can attest to the stress it may lead to, especially if you are the one hosting! From finding the right space to the invitations, to the logistics of getting donations, it can be difficult. One such charity event is a silent auction. While it is a great way to raise money, you will be in charge of getting people to donate things that others will want to purchase, such as gift baskets, spa packages, and more. This can be overwhelming, along with trying to find the right event space for your silent auction. Fortunately, with 19 East, you have access to the perfect spot, along with vendor partners that can help you pull off a great silent auction!

Hosting a Silent Auction

One of the most important parts of hosting a silent auction is having the right spot to display all of the items. You will need a bigger event space area than usual, with many tables and room to move around to place bids on items. In addition to the space and tables, you will want to encourage mingling between everyone, and have places for people to sit and socialize. We partner with Food for Thought Catering, which means that you can focus on getting donations instead of finding another catering company! We can ensure that the food will be delicious, and the drinks will flow, encouraging more and more bids!

Additional Partners

When hosting a silent auction at 19 East, we want to make everything as smooth as possible. We want your charity to make as much money as possible, so we will focus our energy on everyone having a great time so you don’t have to. We work with many vendor partners to offer our clients the full package, such as with Food For Thought Catering. Our partnerships are with companies that offer valet services, lighting, audio, and visual, décor, and event planning. When attending a charity event, particularly a silent auction, your guests expect a certain quality; with 19 East and our preferred partners, you will be able to throw a great event that will have people talking for months.

Contact 19 East

Your silent auction will take a lot of planning, from the guest list to the items up for auction. Take the stress of an event space off your plate with 19 East! Contact us today to discuss your event.