This Year’s Holiday Party Trends

As the temperature drops and we start preparing for the holidays, social obligations seem to pile up alongside those boxes of ornaments and shopping lists. This time of year is all about reconnecting and showing gratitude for the people you love, and throwing a party is a great way to do that. However, between all the family gatherings, office parties, and reunions with out of town friends, there is a lot of pressure to host an event that stands out.

There are many tips and trends one can apply to turn their event into something special, but applying those things is often easier said than done. If you want to host a memorable event in the midst of this holiday season’s hustle and bustle, getting overwhelmed can turn out to be far easier than the party planning itself.

Food For Thought – Our Venue

Food For Thought is an experienced, innovative catering company that has been in the business for over thirty years. We know the ins and outs of party planning, from weddings to corporate galas. We have done it all, and therefore, understand the importance of the little details when it comes to turning a simple party into something extraordinary.

At our very own event location, 19 East, you get to work closely with a dedicated team of event planners. It is their passion put on one of a kind events their clients can be proud of. With 19 East’s coordinators and Food For Thought innovators behind the scenes, adding the finer touches to any holiday event is simple.

End the Year With a Bang

There are many tips and trends to explore this holiday season. In order to make a splash and impress your guests, Food For Thought recommends stepping out of the box and doing things a little differently than you might have in the past.

Examples of 2017 holiday party trends include such things as varying color themes and unique patterns. Displaying shiny metallic shades, or bright colors, will draw the eye and liven up any room. Don’t be afraid of playing with the classics either. Creative takes on traditional prints are just as eye catching as a dash of bold color. For example, rather than red and green tablecloths, a holly patterned table runner across a dark wood surface can seem more sophisticated while still adding a dash of holiday spirit to the dinner table.

Abundant greenery has been a popular theme throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to display evergreen foliage with winter appropriate accents such as eucalyptus and magnolia leaves. Natural containers and centerpieces are often less expensive and more versatile than vases filled with tropical flowers.

When it comes to food, innovation is key. Unique table displays that showcase hors d’oeuvres will intrigue your guests and encourage them to dig in. Simplicity can also be a good factor, and items like rustic wooden platters and cheeseboards are a great addition to any holiday buffet.

Finally, don’t forget to be daring with the recipes. It is always nice to offer a little variety this time of year when guests have had more than their fill of holiday classics like stuffed turkey and homemade casseroles. Feel free to put new spins on traditional dishes. You can also provide guests with ordinary winter treats in creative ways, such as with customizable food stations. Instead of soup, serve smoothie bowls made with in-season fruits, or cocktails based around classic Christmas movies.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, contact 19 East and let us help you take part in the fun.