The Big Day

The day of your wedding is filled with activity. From the moment you wake up, sometimes even the night before, there is a seemingly endless amount of hustle and bustle, and countless things to occupy your mind. You might be getting your hair done and worrying about whether or not the caterer is going to show up on time. You could be trying to enjoy a soothing facial hours before the wedding while simultaneously wondering how much you should tip the DJ at the end of the night.

There are various concerns that have to be addressed before you can really relax and enjoy yourself. That is why it’s important to have a wedding day checklist, so you can quickly go over everything that needs to be done before you walk down the aisle. Planning ahead is key to a smooth ceremony and an enjoyable reception, so be sure to include the following items on your checklist for the big day.

Wedding Day Checklist Necessities

When writing up your wedding day checklist, it’s helpful to include categories. This makes it easier to remember minor details and prioritize.

Start off with the beauty and clothing essentials. You won’t be too pleased if an hour before the ceremony you have to ask your maid of honor to run out and buy you a pair of pantyhose because you left yours at home. Work out a list of all attire related necessities before the big day. It should include:

  • The Gown
  • Shoes and Accessories (e.g. gloves, necklace, earrings, garter, purse/clutch, broach, etc.)
  • The Rings and Other Ceremony Items (e.g. vows, unity candles)
  • Headpiece (e.g. veil, tiara, hair comb)
  • Attire Clean Up Tools (e.g. lint rollers, fabric steamer, stain remover, safety pins, fabric tape, etc.)
  • Snacks (for the morning of)
  • Shapewear and Undergarments/Lingerie
  • Shawl/Jacket
  • Toiletries (mints, deodorant, perfume, lotion, cologne, gum, aspirin, floss, Q-tips, etc.)
  • An emergency sewing kit, safety pins, and band-aids
  • If Desired – Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
  • Groom’s Accessories (e.g. cufflinks, bowtie/necktie, waistcoat, belt, socks, shoes, pocket square, etc.)
  • Any Religious Affiliated Attire/Accessories

Once you have cataloged everything you need to look the part on your wedding day, move on to the business matters.

  • Triple Check Your Itinerary
  • Check with Vendors (concerning ETA, directions, arrival times, and preparedness)
  • Organize Tip Envelopes (this will help you make certain no one is forgotten, and the amounts don’t get mixed up)
  • Bring Extra Cash
  • Inform your Cameraman on any Specific Group Photos you want Taken Ahead of Time
  • Organize Contact Numbers (for vendors, the officiate, transportation company, venue(s), photographer, coordinator, etc.)

There are many things you will have already taken care of before the big day and some you will simply need to check over, like when your photographer is arriving and what time the hair stylist is supposed to start on your updo. However, there still remain a few things which often can’t be fully addressed beforehand, and items you have to bring to the venue on your actual wedding day.

Include the following on your wedding day checklist (and assign someone to each):

  • Setting out Place Cards or Seating Chart
  • Cake Knife
  • Toasting Glasses
  • Favors
  • Pictures/Items for A Memory Table
  • Guestbook
  • Any Specific Day-Of Items that could not be set up Beforehand
  • Centerpieces
  • Bouquets/Boutonnieres
  • Review your Vows
  • Check all Candles are Lit
  • Establish a Transportation Plan for Bridal Party/Groomsmen at the End of the Night

Once you have everything written down, you will be able to relax and know that your big day will be all you dreamed it to be.