Wedding Day Details

Most of us have witnessed friends and family members go through painstaking deliberation in order to organize their dream wedding. When it’s your turn to say “I do,” you quickly come to realize all the innumerable details involved in the process. From the venue to the cocktails, no stone is left unturned, or cake flavor left un-sampled.

Your guests’ comfort is one very important detail which should never be overlooked. The purpose of a wedding is to share your joy with friends and family. If your guests are uncomfortable, it can dampen the mood on what ought to be a perfectly wonderful day.

Small Touches

The last thing you want at your wedding is for your friends and family to wish they were somewhere else. When planning the menu, you want plenty of delicious food. When deciding between an indoor or outdoor ceremony, you consider the weather. There are a number of things you do in order to ensure all your guests are happy and comfortable on your big day, but there are also many optional amenities which can show you put real thought into every last detail.

As mentioned above, some couples opt for outdoor ceremonies, especially during the spring and summer. Outdoor venues can bring an element of natural beauty to your wedding that indoor spaces cannot. However, weather can impact the comfort level for both you and your guests. For example, when temperatures rise, you can help everyone stay cool by providing parasols, fans, and even iced beverages before the ceremony. Sunscreen and sunglasses may also be useful, especially if your wedding takes place in the early afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

Rainy days can dampen anyone’s spirits at a wedding, even if it is supposed to be good luck. Providing guests with umbrellas and fluffy hand towels will help to keep them dry. You may even want to offer pairs of inexpensive flip-flops to prevent guests’ good shoes from getting wet. This is also a great option for your reception, when high heels start to get too uncomfortable. Additionally, you might wish to provide a heel drop-off station, so guests can leave their shoes in a safe place while they dance the night away.

Providing ways for your guests to personally enjoy the day is another way to make sure everyone has a great time. It’s the same reason you offer party favors. To get people out on the dance floor, you can ask guests to please RSVP with a song request in their invitations. Just don’t forget to give the final list of requests to your DJ or band before the big day.

If you invite children to your wedding, a good way to help them have fun is by providing small games and activities, such as coloring books or bubble stations (just make sure these are placed a safe distance from the dance floor, or it could get slippery).

Adults often enjoy games, too, especially before and after dinner, like wedding themed Mad Libs or other word games. For those who do not enjoy dancing, or can’t, a game table would be a welcome activity. To make it really fun, you can provide a scoreboard and your guests can choose Team Bride or Team Groom, so every game that is won will count as a point for that winner’s side. This is a fantastic way to get everyone mingling, especially if half of your wedding party has never met the other half.

A jar of conversation topics set on every table can help break the ice and kick start conversation between guests who do not know each other. Providing comfy chairs near the dance floor, energy boosting snacks after dinner, and disposable cameras for candid shots are a few more little things which can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Favors and Food For Thought

Taking some extra steps to make sure your guests are a bit pampered on your wedding day helps guarantee they enjoy themselves. They will notice and appreciate the special things you have done, and therefore remember your wedding day fondly for many years to come.

In order to make sure every little thing is taken care of-it helps to have help. That is where Food For Thought comes in.

Food For Thought is more than a catering company. We are a company dedicated to you and your vision. We are professionals who thrive off of creativity and constantly grow through experience. We will make your dream become reality by customizing every aspect of the menu, and perfecting the minute details that make all the difference. Call us today, and don’t let those special touches go to waste!