Wedding Trends for 2017

Everyone wants to experience and remember their wedding day knowing it was everything they wanted it to be. From the dresses to the color scheme, every little detail counts. Which is why so many people go the extra mile just to impress their guests and make the day memorable.

There should be a sense of originality at any wedding in order to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, as well as evoke the desired mood. Following trends that come into style will help make sure your wedding doesn’t seem too dated or stuffy. Feel free to make any trend your own, or garner new ideas from those already making a splash in 2017.

What’s In Style

There are many new wedding trends popping up in 2017. Among them you can find eye-catching invitations and unique registry selections. It is totally okay to go the traditional route. Maybe you want to make a classical celebration out of your big day. You can still adopt any number of the following ideas to add a touch of something new and different to your wedding.

Invitations have been stepping up their game for years now. In 2017, it is not uncommon to find Save The Date envelopes and wedding invitations carrying more than just RSVP cards. Couples are adding pictures that evoke the theme of their wedding, hankies, ribbons, and even dried flower petals. Brightly colored envelopes, metallic ink, acrylic invitations, foil stamps, and pretty pattern cutouts are also taking the stage in 2017’s wedding arena.

When planning your wedding registry, you no longer have to narrow it down to one store. You can pick a couple, and sometimes you don’t even have to ask for items, you can ask for just about anything. Some examples you might see this year are charity donations, special memberships, or cooking classes.

Sit down dinners are classic and elegant, and probably won’t go out of style anytime soon, but food trucks and on-site food stations carrying a variety of items are growing in popularity. You can try out a buffet, or come up with inventive displays and uncharacteristic flavor choices, even portable dessert options like ice cream carts and cotton candy.

As for color schemes, in 2017 you will see lots of green, from foliage rich bouquets and centerpieces, to bridesmaid dresses. Different shades of green work for various seasons and styles, which makes it a versatile option for couples who want to stand out. Greenery in itself is very popular, as it adds an element of natural beauty to any ceremony or reception.

For bridesmaids, airy fabrics like organza and chiffon are incredibly popular, as are soft falling skirts and comfortable silhouettes. Metallic, glittery gowns aren’t going anywhere anytime soon either, so encourage your bridal party to channel their inner Gatsby when discussing dress options.

Another great trend on the rise in 2017 is entertaining guests with timeless game activities. This kind of planning not only sets up a wonderful, playful atmosphere, and encourages people to mingle, but it adds something fun to your wedding nobody will soon forget.

Finally, when planning the guest list, if you have a beloved pet at home who is as important to you as your closest friends and family, don’t just hire a dog sitter and leave Lassie behind. Throw a bowtie on your beloved pooch and invite him or her to the wedding! Animal guests are showstoppers at any event, and this year, they’re showing up quite often.

Food For Thought

2017 is all about being different and flaunting your individuality while engaging your guests-so don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter, follow some trends that are already taking off, or start your own. Whatever you choose, Food For Thought is here to help. Call us today to start planning an extraordinary menu, or learn more about 19 East, our versatile event venue located in Chicago’s south loop.