Wedding Venue Plans

Planning your wedding is a very detailed task. There are numerous ideas, peoples’ feelings, and costs to consider. At the top of your to do list there is a small host of things which need to be completed before any other, equally exciting, tasks are addressed. For instance, selecting your dress usually comes long after you have chosen your venue.

When searching for a wedding venue, there are a plethora of questions you must ask yourself (and the managers of every location you visit). Among them are things like how many people do you plan to invite, will you have the ceremony at a different location than the reception, and who are your preferred vendors?

Asking The Right Questions

Forgetting to find out important details can have you signing a contract before you realize all the flaws hidden behind the scenes of a seemingly perfect locale. Below you will find a list of important questions to ask before choosing your wedding venue.

  • What Dates are Available?
  • How Many Guests are Allowed?
  • What is the Rental Fee?
  • What Accommodations are Figured Into the Rental Fee?
  • Are Discounts Offered on Certain Days of the Week?
  • What is the Deposit Fee?
  • Is the Deposit Refundable?
  • When is the Balance Due?
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
  • Is it Possible to Host the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Location?
  • How Much Will it Cost to Host the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Location?
  • Are there Changing Rooms Available for the Bride/Bridal Party and/or Groom/Groomsmen?
  • For Outdoor Spaces, What Happens in the Event of Severe Weather?
  • How Long can the Space be Rented For?
  • Is there an Overtime Charge?
  • What are the Decoration Policies? Are there any Restrictions?
  • Can Real Candles be Used? 
  • When is the Earliest Vendors can Begin Setting Up?
  • Are there Assistants at the Venue who will Help with Setup/Cleanup?
  • Is there a Coat Check?
  • Is there Any Space Available for Guests to Mingle Following the Ceremony/Before the Reception?
  • Is there a Preferred Vendors List?
  • Are there Catering Restrictions? Is there the Option of an In-House Catering Service?
  • What are the Kitchen Facilities Like?
  • Are Tables/Chairs/Linens/Silverware/Glassware/Etc. Provided?
  • What is the Cost Per Plate?
  • What is the Service Charge for Catering?
  • Can a Tasting be Scheduled Prior to the Menu Selection? How Much will it Cost?
  • Can the Cake be Provided by an Outside Company, and if so, is there a Fee?
  • Is there a Cake Cutting Fee?
  • What Kind of Alcohol License does the Venue Hold?
  • What Bar Services are Available? How are they Priced?
  • Can Alcohol be Provided by the Bride and Groom? Is there a Corkage Fee?
  • Does Hiring Outside Bar Staff Incur an Additional Charge?
  • What are the Music Restrictions?
  • What is the Parking Availability?
  • Is there the Option of a Valet?
  • How many Restrooms does the Venue Offer?
  • Is there an On Site Coordinator Available to Make Sure things run Smoothly the Day Of?
  • What Security Services, if any, are Available?
  • Is Liability Insurance Available? Required?
  • Can Outside Vendors be Brought In?
  • Are there Any Overnight Accommodations Available?
  • Are there Discounts for Adhering to Certain Stipulations?
  • Are there Employees Available to Direct Guests to the Ceremony/Reception?

19 East

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