Your Wedding Playlist

Whether you are having a band, DJ, or will be relying on a sound system and your own laptop, curating the perfect wedding playlist is extremely important to the reception. You want to encourage dancing, socializing, and fun; this is hard to do if the music is all slow music, or all songs that no one has heard of. Fortunately, there are ways to include music from all genres, decades, and tempos. While the music selection is ultimately up to the bride and groom, it is a good idea to rely on your DJ or band, as well as your own guests!

Consulting the Experts

Most of us hire a DJ or band to play at the reception. However, you still want to have your input on music! Is there a song that you know you want your parents to dance to? A song that all of your college roommates bonded over? Make a list of every “must” song and give this to your DJ or band. On the other side, if there are any songs that you absolutely do not want to have played, such as the Macarena, discuss this with your DJ or band as well. Consult with them on how many fast songs versus slow songs, when you will be throwing the bouquet, specific songs you want played earlier in the night, etc. They will be able to accommodate your music selection, and give advice if you aren’t exactly sure what you want!

Involve the Guests

In general, involving your guests too much may turn into a problem. However, there are ways to ensure that each guest gets a favorite song played! When you send out invitations, include a line that asks for a song recommendation. That way, you can add them to your song list, but still have final say! This can be a better alternative than guests requesting songs at the actual reception; it feels more personalized on their end, and you can be rest assured that you won’t hate any of the songs.

Have Fun!

Your wedding playlist is a great way to set the mood for the reception. By starting with upbeat, well-known songs, everyone will be excited to get on the dance floor! Disperse slower songs throughout the entire set, both as relief for your feet and to have a moment with your partner. Overall, just have fun! Add in some favorite songs from high school or college, songs that mean something to you and your partner, oldies, current hits, and more. By personalizing your playlist, you know you will love the songs, and your guests will enjoy a unique combination of music!