Cider, a little goes a long way

Sunday, Fun Day! It’s a season that seems to start in March as basketball fanatics cling to their Alma mater’s run in the annual March madness tournament. Spring softball leagues roll into summer beach days, BBQ’s and outdoor cafés. Autumn brings the NFL, apple picking and corn mazes before the winter seems to slow down the endless stream of social media images of Sunday, Fun Day.
While I’ve been known to partake in any number of these Sunday activities, my Fun Day typically revolves around the grocery store. I’m an old soul and a creature of habit who holds his Sunday routine sacred. I visit the bakery for bread, the local market for produce, the butcher for meat, Whole foods for fish and the liquor store for my latest libation obsessions. Over the last year this obsession has remained consistent……Cider.
Each Sunday, my guilty pleasure has been cooking dinner and searching for a cider epiphany. Michigan, Oregon and New York have provided enjoyable, vicarious and effervescing travels over the last year. New Zealand, France and Scotland gave me the opportunity to travel abroad and moving me away from the craft beers. Despite cider’s climb to trend status, the thought of not staying on the craft beer train is still considered blasphemous. Yet, with the Cider Summit taking place this weekend in Chicago, and our first cider pub (The Northman) opening soon, I dare say my Sunday’s are not sacrilegious at all.
So, for all those late adopters of cider, here are the top five reasons to jump on the cider wagon:

  • Your gluten free friends will love you.
  • It’s not hopeless for your IPA hop-loving friends. There are some seriously interesting ciders that are now dry hopped. Look for Finnriver from Oregon or Vandermill from Michigan for two very good ones that can be found at Binny’s or Whole Foods.
  • With over 7,500 types of apples, ciders span the spectrum from dry to sweet. Former wine makers are now moving to making cider and using a variety of barrels (including bourbon) to age their ciders providing cider of varying degrees of complexity for every palate.
  • You can make cider at home! With apples easily accessible, the equipment you use to make beer at home can be used to ferment cider!
  • Various medical journals have confirmed that cider has high levels of health-enhancing antioxidants equal to that of red wine.

You’re welcome.

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Posted on February 24th, 2016 at 7:00 am [ssba]