“Working with a client to create a memory out of a moment, small or big, that will last them a lifetime.”

Executive Team


Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations

“With each and every guest, we have an opportunity to live our mission of delighting with hospitality, and to deliver on our proud commitment of a remarkle experience.”


Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Catered Operations

“Our mission is to help you make the most of the moments that matter most. For us, being able to shape an enduring memory of excellence drives our deep care for clients and customers.”


Business Excellence Officer

“We wish to create those special Moments that make you feel the same way you do when your family and friends are together for a special occasion…those incredible memories that last a lifetime!”



“It’s about taking great pride producing amazing moments in time for our clients, letting those moments become the inspiration to continually strive for perfection in everything we do.”

Liz - Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant

“To have attention and awareness to any particular situation and those around you. To touch someone in a positive, sustaining way.”


Hannah - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“When unexpected and personalized details are incorporated into the planning process and event execution, it creates moments that are engrained in a client’s mind as a memory. It is incredibly exciting and motivating to have the responsibility of making these special days in our clients’ lives lasting memories.”

Erica - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“The best part of being a moment maker is the joy that comes in helping create the moments where our clients and guests can live in the magic, enjoy the little things, and smile. Smiles are contagious and make moments that last forever!”

Michelle - Director of Catering, Adler Planetarium


Vice President of Sales & Development

“To build a vision that allows the hustle of everyday life to pause and help people live in a moment that will be remembered with a smile.”

Chris C.

Sales Consultant

“Being a moment maker means taking pride in building personal relationships in order to understand what our client’s needs and wants are for their special day. From there, we exceed all expectations by getting creative and giving them results they didn’t know were possible.”

Sales Team - Elyssa


Sales Consultant

“Being a moment maker means living for others on purpose and planning exquisite celebrations that create an environment for significant moments to happen. It’s using design and creativity to bring a client’s vision to life, being organized throughout the process and eliminating client’s stresses, and ultimately making people feel extraordinary!”

Dana - Event Producer


Sales Consultant

“To me, being a moment maker means taking a point in time and making it extraordinary. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday or a welcoming smile, I want to create moments for people they can carry with them for years to come.”

Annie - Sales Coordinator


Sales Consultant

“Creating instances in time in which a client can hold onto for eternity to enjoy and remember.”

Lorena - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“We have the honor of being a part of someone’s most beautiful and cherished memories. There’s no better feeling than that.”

Anna - Sales Consultant


Senior Sales Consultant

“Working with a client to create a memory out of a moment, small or big, that will last them a lifetime.”

Linda - Senior Sales Consultant


Senior Sales Consultant

“I relish being part of a most special day, knowing my team and I created beautiful, lasting memories.”

Brian - Senior Sales Consultant


Senior Sales Consultant

“Making moments is what catering is all about, great food, fantastic service and a love for the details.”


Jason White

Executive Chef

“Being a Moment Maker is all about working together to make people happy. If I can have you eat something we produced and smile and take it with you – whether it be a dinner with a friend or spouse or family – and it’s a memory – then I’ve done my job.”

Tiffany - Kitchen Production Manager


Kitchen Production Manager

“Being a moment maker = a quiet pride that radiates over everything you do!”

Brittny - Field Sous Chef


Field Sous Chef

“The best moments happen once in a lifetime. I’m lucky enough to be a part of them every day.”

Jose - Field Sous Chef


Field Sous Chef

“Clients entrusting me with helping to create their most unforgettable moments is all the inspiration I need to ensure my team meets that awesome responsibility.”

Oscar - Lead Line Cook


Lead Line Cook

“For me, being a moment maker means that I impart my personal best onto everything I make to yield a great moment for someone else.”

Ligia - Pastry Chef


Pastry Chef

“To be a Moment Maker is to create memories of special people and places, to encapture the excitement you feel about your special day.”

Sergio - Executive Sous Chef


Executive Sous Chef

“Looking back and knowing you have affected another person in a positive way. All the moments of hard work in the beginning make for someone else’s heartfelt moments later.”



Senior Marketing Specialist

“There is a moment in every event when time stands still. It happens when you least expect, when your vision becomes reality. That is why I’m in this business. I live to make that moment.”