Office Events

An office party or event should be a time to celebrate all of the hard work you and your staff have accomplished. Office events should boost company morale and be something that people spend their days anticipating. Whether it’s a company picnic, a dinner party, a happy hour or networking event, or a team-building event, you should strive to make it an event to remember!

But how can you ensure that your office event will be a hit? Give people a great spread! Nothing makes a party like the food and beverage. Next time you’re considering an office party, have it catered with Food For Thought! We specialize in Chicago office catering, allowing you to provide the food your employees or clients deserve. We will work with you to develop a menu and then make sure the food arrives at your event in a timely manner.

Finding A Chicago Office Catering Company

When shopping around for a catering company to handle your office event, you’ll want to look out for these three vital characteristics: Capacity, selection, & service. You’ll want a company to cater your party or event who has all three.

  • Capacity: Make sure that the catering company you choose for your office has the capacity to handle your needs. From small department get-togethers to corporate-wide events, make sure that your catering company has the resources to deliver enough food and beverage for everyone in attendance.
  • Selection: Don’t be limited by catering companies who only have a few offerings. Choose somebody who can fulfill your every desire when it comes to catering. Surf, turf, vegetarian, or whatever else you can possibly come up with, Food For Thought can make it happen!
  • Service: Delicious food is of course, a top priority for most catering companies, so often times you will hopefully sign on with someone who can offer you that. However, what sets a good company apart from a great company is customer service. And you can bet that at Food For Thought, your office event or party will get only the best service from our trained catering staff!


Our staff will provide drop-off & pick-up services for your event as well as set-up at the location. Our staff is highly trained in the art of catering service and will make the night seamless and stress free—all you’ll have to do is enjoy the party and indulge yourself in some of our famous cuisine! We will make sure the food is there and ready to serve, giving the others in attendance the delicious food they expect.

Food For Chicago Office Events

Cater your next office event with Chicago Office Catering from Food For Thought. Our catering team can transform your office event from a happy hour to an unforgettable social experience!