Cocktail Hour Catering Chicago

Cocktail hours are a great addition to all types of events: weddings, corporate occasions, anniversary parties, and more, and can even stand alone as its own memorable experience. While its name gives the idea that it should be focused on only the drinks, having some passed-around snacks and hors d’oeuvres can really knock your party out of the park.

The Right Food Service Chicago

When people are indulging on beverages for a extended period of time, food is essential. So what kind of food should you have at your cocktail hour? Small, bite-size items are perfect, as guests will likely be standing and walking around socializing and may not have a table to set down a large plate. Just because the food is smaller, does not mean it is less important, however! You need to find plates that will bring out the best in the specialty drinks, and vice versa. The best caterer will discuss the details of your event in order to customize the perfect menu of food and drinks to offer.

The Right Chicago Caterer

When figuring out the best bar package for your cocktail hour, you need a caterer that will create the perfect pairing of food and drink that will please and impress all attendees. Food For Thought has catered hundreds of cocktail events at renowned venues across Chicago and the surrounding area. We work with nothing but the best local mixologists and bartenders that, along with our team of culinary experts, push the envelope to make the evening unforgettable for you and your friends, family and/or business associates.

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When planning your cocktail occasion, choose one of the best caterers in Chicagoland, with an excellent track record of providing the best food for parties and events of all kinds. Food For Thought has worked with venues and vendors across the area, and has the skills and resources to make your cocktail occasion a truly unique and memorable experience for everyone involved. We even provide servers on-staff, so you can show up to the cocktail hour, relax and enjoy yourself with your guests.

Let us help you in your event planning and contact us today Inquire on our website, email us at, or call our Lincolnwood office at 847-892-1397. We can’t wait to work with you!