Choosing a Signature Cocktail

Many wedding parties have their own “signature cocktail” as a fun addition to any drink menu. Unique touches such as this are a great way to make your wedding more personalized, and a relatively inexpensive one at that. The best part is, with Food For Thought Catering Group, we can work with you to develop the perfect signature cocktail for your wedding! There are some smart tips to follow to help ensure that your wedding’s signature cocktail is the perfect mix of taste, personalization, and fits with your theme.

In Good Taste

When you say “signature cocktail”, guests may not necessarily think it will taste good. Many times, people get far too elaborate (or not elaborate enough), and the drink comes out undrinkable or too similar to a regular cocktail. With the help of a mixologist, as well as a couple of taste tests, you can feel confident that your signature cocktail will actually be drunk at your wedding! No matter how perfect the look and name of a cocktail is, if the ingredients don’t mesh, guests will not drink it.

Consider Your Wedding

From theme to season, there are a million things that you can take into consideration to help influence your signature cocktail. You won’t want to try to fit everything in, but factors such as color scheme, if it is a winter wedding, etc., can make all the difference. For example, a tequila-based drink is better for summer, while a gin-based drink could be the right fit for a winter wedding. Utilize your color scheme when it comes to any fruit in the drink, napkins it is served with, or something else. When your signature cocktail fits with your wedding, your guests will love it even more.


Clearly, the point of a signature cocktail is to add a unique and fun touch. When considering the name, think about your wedding hashtag, something that includes your names, something about your first date or where you met, etc. Providing that glimpse makes the cocktail even more special for both the bride and groom as well as the guests. If you can’t decide between two different cocktails, feel free to do a “his and hers”, and guests can choose either!

With the help of our experts at Food For Thought Catering Group, your signature cocktail can be the perfect addition to your bar at your wedding! Contact us to learn more.