Farmer’s Market at Food For Thought Chicago

Food For Thought creates Summer’s moment, the farmer’s market. We look to bring the many tastes of summer to create the means behind the moment. We enjoy the homegrown aspect of the farmer’s market that creates a wholesome feeling that everything is grown from a garden and fresh. The farmer’s market subtle changes in menu help bring together and prepare us for the seasons to come. Food For Thought aims to enhance every moment, and we believe the farmer’s market helps mark a new beginning when seasons change and provides the best ingredients for any occasion.

Have A Fresh Start to Summer in Chicago

When Memorial Day arrives the market is all shades of green, the menu ranging from spinach and greens, peas, spring onions and asparagus. Then comes spring radishes, strawberries and rhubarb to add more color and produce to the mix. When the Fourth of July weekends hits, expect much more variety in the produce section including blueberries, raspberries and stone fruit while also adding carrots and different shapes pole and bush beans. Baked goods incorporate the delicious new, fresh produce creating even tastier treats. Labor Day brings tomatoes, squashes, peppers, eggplants and apples combined with everything else from the past few months and keeping the summer feel alive.

Foods from Farmer’s Market in Chicago

There is much to say about the delicious vegetables, produce, baked goods and other foods that come out of the farmer’s market, however, the experience in and of itself is what makes it so special. Being able to talk to the farmer that grew and nurtured the fresh fruit and vegetables or baked the tasty treats from fresh ingredients is a big part of the experience. They are providing you with more than food but also passion and hope that you will carry that passion when you cook tomato sauce or bake a strawberry tart.

Freshest Vegetable & Fruit in Menu of Food For Thought Chicago

Embrace everything your local farmer’s market is and recognize the changing menu. As the menu changes, the seasons are changing and it is important to recognize how with each new, fresh vegetable or fruit that it marks a new beginning. Being able to keep up with the menu will also help in terms of making the freshest meals and the farmers can help guide you in this sense. They are there to answer your questions and be at your assistance during the process. Take in the full experience of a farmer’s market and follow the changes in temperature, season and menu throughout the year.