Green & Sustainable Catering Chicago

Sustainable production and consumption is not a new concept but it is an important one. Food for Thought understands the significant impact the food service industry has on the environment and thus the responsibility that the industry must take in order to maintain a better union between business and environment.

Catering Delicious, Elegant Food in Chicago

The nature of the catering business elicits ideas of extravagance. At Food for Thought we try to reject this notion and instead focus on sustainable, ethically sourced food that is delicious, elegant and in everyone’s best interest. We do this by invoking six pillars of commitment into our green mission.

Stewardship – maintain a responsibility to the environment by adopting purchase and sourcing policies that prefer environmentally friendly products

Water Conservation – use water conserving fixtures coupled with awareness of water consumption and waste

Energy Conservation – use, maintain, and track energy efficient appliances

Reduce Waste – operate a recycling program and reduce the use of disposable items

Education – train our staff on environmental procedures and the sustainable process and inform our customers of the mission

Protect Human and Environmental Health – use environmentally-preferable cleaning products and non-toxic paints

Green Seal Certification

Each of these pillars of commitment attempts to make every level of our business, from field to table, a sustainable one. Our diligent efforts have resulted in the Green Seal certification for environmentally responsible food purchasing, operations, and management.

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At Food for Thought we like to think of ourselves as providing the means behind the moment. We try to make each moment meaningful, unique, and worth remembering. But while your moment concludes the earth’s moment remains and so long as we live here we have the responsibility to protect it. We want to serve your moment and all future moments, which is why we have adopted a sustainable catering philosophy.

We provide the means behind the moment. And if those means are sustainable, the moments are made better because of it.