Executive Team

John R - Vice President of Catering

John R

Vice President of Catering

“We are all in business of making moments whether we realize it or not. Personally and professionally embracing this is a responsibility none of us can afford to ignore.”

Len - Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer

“Focusing on our people, our process, and our technology allows Food For Thought to create unique Moments for our customers, our employees and our business partners.”

Liz - Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant

“To have attention and awareness to any particular situation and those around you. To touch someone in a positive, sustaining way.”

Nancy Sharp - President & CEO

Nancy Sharp

President and CEO

“Our gift is the Moments that our clients entrust to us. It is a gift we treasure and want to give back at each and every opportunity.”


Anna - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“Working with a client to create a memory out of a moment, small or big, that will last them a lifetime.”

Annie - Sales Coordinator


Sales Coordinator

“Creating instances in time in which a client can hold onto for eternity to enjoy and remember.”

Brian - Senior Sales Consultant


Senior Sales Consultant

“Making moments is what catering is all about, great food, fantastic service and a love for the details.”

Bryn - Event Producer


Event Producer

“My favorite part of my job is helping to turn even just a simple idea into something really special for the client – creating an experience that they will always remember.”

Carrie - Director of Sales


Director of Sales

“Every moment of every day, we make the choice to be present. We stop and celebrate. We smile. We have fun. We enjoy the small gifts in life while our clients thrive in the moments we help create.”

Dana - Event Producer


Event Producer

“To me, being a moment maker means taking a point in time and making it extraordinary. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday or a welcoming smile, I want to create moments for people they can carry with them for years to come.”

Sales Team - Elyssa


Event Producer

“Being a moment maker means living for others on purpose and planning exquisite celebrations that create an environment for significant moments to happen. It’s using design and creativity to bring a client’s vision to life, being organized throughout the process and eliminating client’s stresses, and ultimately making people feel extraordinary!”

Erica - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“The best part of being a moment maker is the joy that comes in helping create the moments where our clients and guests can live in the magic, enjoy the little things, and smile. Smiles are contagious and make moments that last forever!”

Gabby - Event Producer


Event Producer

“Being a moment maker means taking pride in building personal relationships in order to understand what our client’s needs and wants are for their special day. From there, we exceed all expectations by getting creative and giving them results they didn’t know were possible.”

Hannah - Sales Consultant


Sales Coordinator

“When unexpected and personalized details are incorporated into the planning process and event execution, it creates moments that are engrained in a client’s mind as a memory. It is incredibly exciting and motivating to have the responsibility of making these special days in our clients’ lives lasting memories.”

Kendall - Catering Manager at 19 East


Catering Manager at 19 East

“Helping to create those nostalgic moments that last in memories for years to come.”

Linda - Senior Sales Consultant


Senior Sales Consultant

“I relish being part of a most special day, knowing my team and I created beautiful, lasting memories.”

Lisa B - Sales Consultant

Lisa B

Sales Consultant

“Being a moment maker for me is taking the vision of my clients and turning it into a reality and creating memories for all of their guests by providing exceptional customer service, expert food knowledge and attention to every detail of their event.”

Lorena - Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

“We have the honor of being a part of someone’s most beautiful and cherished memories. There’s no better feeling than that.”

Michelle - Director of Catering, Adler Planetarium


Director of Venue Sales

“To build a vision that allows the hustle of everyday life to pause and help people live in a moment that will be remembered with a smile.”


Brittny - Field Sous Chef


Field Sous Chef

“The best moments happen once in a lifetime. I’m lucky enough to be a part of them every day.”

Jose - Field Sous Chef


Field Sous Chef

“Clients entrusting me with helping to create their most unforgettable moments is all the inspiration I need to ensure my team meets that awesome responsibility.”

Josh - Sous Chef


Sous Chef

“Being a Moment Maker is sometimes like being a Hero in providing a wonderful or magical experience for someone that could not mange on their lonesome.. Or that favorite music artist that always has he right song for the right moment!”

Ligia - Pastry Chef


Pastry Chef

“To be a Moment Maker is to create memories of special people and places, to encapture the excitement you feel about your special day.”

Oscar - Lead Line Cook


Lead Line Cook

“For me, being a moment maker means that I impart my personal best onto everything I make to yield a great moment for someone else.”

Sergio - Executive Sous Chef


Executive Sous Chef

“Looking back and knowing you have affected another person in a positive way. All the moments of hard work in the beginning make for someone else’s heartfelt moments later.”

Tiffany - Kitchen Production Manager


Kitchen Production Manager

“Being a moment maker = a quiet pride that radiates over everything you do!”


Brad - Staffing Director


Staffing Director

“The ability to be a moment maker is something truly special. To transform something palpable into a time capsule that others carry within hearts and minds is a reward that knows no boundaries.”

Fallon - Human Resources Manager


Human Resources Manager

“There is no greater honor than to be involved in our clients most precious Moments. Moment Making is an integral part of our culture and what drives us day after day. There is no better reward then seeing the happiness in our clients eyes. That is what Moment Making is all about!”

Marla - Accounting Manager


Accounting Manager

“Being a moment maker is all about making people feel valued and a bit magical through the little details and thoughtful gestures that let them know they matter. A moment is all one needs to make a world of difference. I really do believe there is something magical about that and who doesn’t like a little magic!”

Troy - Director of Operations


Director of Operations

“Being a moment maker to me is creating an experience that exceeds someone’s expectations and leaves a lasting memory.”