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No matter how many weddings you have attended or how many times you have been a bridesmaid or groomsmen, nothing compares to your very own wedding day. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and the start of the next chapter of your life. Planning a wedding is no easy task. There are many elements that come into play for a wedding celebration—dress, food, guests, cake, photographer, etc. The decision you make for your wedding will have a lasting impact.

Choosing the Right Chicago Wedding Caterer

When searching for the right caterer, it is important to take your budget and culinary tastes into consideration. Your caterer’s expertise not only provides excellent food, but they will also be with you every step up from the way, from before, during and after your special day. At Food for Thought, we treat your special day as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to craft an experience that uniquely reflects you and your partner. From an urban setting in the heart of Chicago to a rustic retreat, our team will ensure each and every detail is perfect. We want the food you serve on your wedding day to be delicious and reflect your personality as a couple.

How Important Is Your Wedding Menu?

No guest should go hungry at your wedding. No matter how great your DJ is, if your guests are hungry, they most likely will not feel like dancing and celebrating. If the food is of poor quality at your wedding, guests will talk. On the other hand, if the food is exceptional, it will be a night to remember. At Food for Thought, we work with our clients to consider a few important components when planning a wedding menu. Ask your guests if they have any food allergies, are gluten-free or vegetarian. Talk with our team to come up with specialty items to cater to these select people. We give all of our couples the opportunity to taste our food before finalizing a menu. Additionally, the time of your wedding is an important element to take into consideration. If your ceremony is in the morning and the reception is late in the day, a cocktail hour with appetizers will be necessary. Discuss with your expert Chicago wedding caterer different food and drink options for your cocktail hour.

Contact Food for Thought

At Food for Thought, we provide the means at the moment so you can focus on experiencing the magic of the moment. We will help ensure the catering on your special day is just right. All you have to do is live in the moment. If you are ready to begin planning your wedding day with our Chicago wedding caterer, call us today at (847) 813-7271.

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