Your Wedding Menu – The Ingredients

It is only natural to want your wedding menu to consist of delicious flavors and mouthwatering combinations. At Food For Thought, we know the fresher the ingredients-the better the meal tastes. That is why we never underestimate the importance of weather changes and seasonal palate adjustments when it comes to selecting your wedding menu.

Summer Fare

Winter and summer weddings each have their pros and cons, but both can be exquisitely beautiful and memorable if planned correctly. One of the most important details to consider is the food selection. When most people attend a wedding, they will remember the ceremony, the fun they had at the reception, and the food. This is why you want to select a caterer who will utilize fresh, in-season ingredients when planning your wedding menu.

Summer is a popular time of year for weddings. The air is warm and fresh, flowers are in bloom, and everyone is grateful for a break from winter’s colder weather. Summer menus, therefore, should reflect the mood with mouthwatering fruits and crisp vegetable salads, as well as lighter entrees, such as fish and chicken dishes. These are quite fitting for a summer event, especially if your reception is being held outdoors.

For summertime desserts, think citrusy pastries, berries with cream, and scoops of ice cream or fruity sorbet. Sangria, cocktails, and white or sparkling wines never go amiss at a celebration in May, June, July, or even August.

Wintertime Delicacies

Winter weddings are perhaps some of the most festive events, as everyone is cooped up for months and enjoys getting dressed up and braving the cold weather for something as romantic as a wedding. Whether your wedding takes place before, after, or around Christmastime, you will want to make sure your wedding menu stands up to the myriad of festive meals everyone has been enjoying for weeks while celebrating the holidays.

Winter is the prime time for cranberries, pomegranate, and other delicious fruits that make yummy drizzles and dressings. Consider serving a warm, creamy soup, baked cheese finger food, or roasted root vegetables for the first course. When moving onto an entree, think mouthwatering beef tenderloin or fillet, alongside potatoes or stuffed mushrooms.

Toasted walnuts, vanilla flavored sweets, hot chocolate, candied pineapple, peppermint garnishes, and panna cotta topped with a sweet orange slice are all suitable, delicious wintertime dessert options. Guests usually enjoy dark or mulled wines, warm ciders, and spiked eggnog during the colder months, so consider opting for these types of drinks when planning your menu.

Food For Thought

No matter what season you choose for your wedding, Food For Thought can help you plan a unique, delicious, and unforgettable menu.