Omelets 101

brown omelets do not pass go.

No, your omelet should not have any brown on it. I can’t tell you how many cooks serve brown omelets. It’s maddening. The secret to a perfectly cooked omelet is all about controlling your temperature, using the right pan, balancing your ingredients, and having confidence in your flip.

First of all, start with a great non-stick pan that’s diameter is your perfect sized omelet. Heat it on high with olive oil or clarified butter until very hot. Add your ingredients…don’t go overboard. Putting way too many ingredients in the pan is the perfect way to have your omelet look like a hot mess. Make sure your ingredients equal half a cup or so. Once you have that—add it to the hot pan. Pull out the salt and pepper. Season the ingredients lightly and sauté until they are 3/4 of the way cooked. Switch the heat to medium high and add your beaten eggs. DON’T TOUCH! Your omelet is like the shy person at the party. You go up to him/her and start blabbing, chances are they’re going to leave. Touching your omelet too early in the game will lead to “an eggs sticking to pan situation.” Leave it be until you see a couple air pockets bubbling up. It’s time to switch the heat to medium low. If you are adding fresh herbs, do it now. Pull out your rubber spatula and do a little leg work. Loosen the edges with the spatula, pushing the cooked part of the omelet toward the middle of the pan, and tilt so the runny parts go to the edges. This helps your omelet cook faster. Keep doing that until you loosen all edges and no “runniness” is left. Muster up all your confidence, because it’s time to flip Make sure the bottom of the omelet is NOT stuck to the pan. Shake the pan a little, the omelet should resemble an air hockey puck gliding on the ground. Jerk the pan forward and whip it back so the omelet flips over. If you have not done this before, practice with a piece of toast or a cooked pancake, something less messy. As soon as the omelet is flipped, turn off the heat. The residual heat alone will finish cooking the omelet. Add your cheese of choice and cover the pan, so it melts. Fold into a half moon, and there you go!

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Posted on February 16th, 2016 at 12:00 pm [ssba]