Pasta 101

Look in your pantry.  How many half filled boxes of pasta are lurking around?  My point exactly.  It’s time you conquer the world of starchy goodness by following what’s in this week’s newsletter.


Tips for Making Fresh Pasta

  • Don’t Destroy the Dough
  • Avoid the gluey-ness and don’t over-process.
  • If mixing the dough in the food processor, pulse just until you get moist clumps—not until an entire ball of dough forms.
  • Don’t be Kneady.
  • The dough should feel supple and just a little bit elastic.  When kneading, sprinkle with as little flour as possible if the dough is sticking.
  • Give it a rest.
  • The pasta dough will be easier to roll out and cut if the gluten relaxes for at least 20 minutes at room temperature, or up to 2 hours.
  •  Save the water!  Yes, pasta water—that unappetizing gray soup you’ve been flushing down the drain all these years… it’s a miracle ingredient. Why? Pasta water is a common ingredient that’s often left out of sauce-less pasta dishes—it  has the starchy goodness from the leftover cooked pasta that binds sauces, butter and oils together.
  • Drain your pasta in a colander over a bowl (you can keep a measuring cup in the bowl—so you don’t forget to use it) and return it to the pan.
  • Add all the ingredients you want to use, some butter or olive oil and cheese. 2 minutes
  • Before you are ready to serve, add the reserved pasta water.
  • You will notice your noodles jumping for joy because they are now in perfect harmony.

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Posted on March 21st, 2016 at 5:30 pm [ssba]