Holiday leftovers…stop giving them away!

Your favorite holiday dishes transformed…

Cranberry Sauce—blend with balsamic vinaigrette —poof! you just made a gourmet dressing!

Stuffing—the new English muffin… mold stuffing into 3” rounds, sear each side in butter to make it crispy— you can use that
under eggs to create a new benedict, or go the extra distance and use that as your bread to a fantastic turkey sandwich.

Mashed Potatoes— mix potatoes with grated onion, an egg and fresh herbs, sear on each side to make potato
pancakes. Or whisk into any soup to thicken!

Sweet Potato Casserole— puree the casserole and add to devil’s food cake to make a low fat brownie. Or, fold into pancake batter with nutmeg & cinnamon

Gravy— Pour more stock in the gravy to thin, add some leftover turkey and noodles—and there you go.

Green Bean Casserole— really, throw that away.


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Posted on November 23rd, 2016 at 4:08 pm [ssba]