Chicago Food Service Management

The food we eat can be a memorable experience. You may base your itinerary when traveling around your meals, or make it a point to get away from your desk for an hour each day for lunch, or share experiences with friends and family over a feast.

The same care and thought can also be put into the smaller meals you eat on a regular day, at work, school or wherever you may be. Food For Thought is a Chicago food service management company that offers dining solutions to venues of all kinds, from corporate offices to higher education to various other recreational locations.

Corporate Dining Concepts

In today’s working world, employees expect more than just a cabinet stocked with pretzels and bananas. While this is a decent start, our food service management brings a wide variety of healthy and exciting dishes that will keep even the pickiest member of your staff satisfied. A Food For Thought expert will work with you to nail down every detail, ensuring the food we provide for your office accommodates all your needs, and more importantly, your budget. Offering daily quality lunches and other meals is a perk that will appeal to both existing employees as well as job seekers.

Higher Education Food Service Chicago

Just because a young man or woman is away at school, does not mean they want to indulge on unhealthy snacks all the time. Sure, they may do this from time to time, but at some point they will want to sit and enjoy a real meal. Food For Thought can improve the selection offered in college and university dining halls by creating a customized menu of healthier, tastier options. We will provide variety to accommodate dietary restrictions as well, while targeting to what college students need and want. We understand that most on-the-go students will not want a five-course meal!

Other Locations

If you own and/or run a museum, amusement park or other similar attraction, you must have food for guests in order to keep them at your location as long as possible and to make sure their experience is a positive one. Our vending and concession services will ensure that those visiting your location will have an enjoyable time while snacking on some tasty treats. We can discuss your needs in order to create a customized dining plan that will knock patrons’ socks off!

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Put a little thought in the food you provide for your co-workers, students, or visitors to your destination. Contact Food For Thought to get started in creating the perfect meal plan today — we have worked with renowned venues around Chicagoland and are considered one of the best Chicago Food Service Management companies around. Inquire on our website, email us at, or call 847-813-7240.