Educational Dining

When organizing an event for your school, whether it’s something as significant as a graduation banquet, or simply a back to school dinner, you’ll want to find the right caterer. You’re goal is to put on an event that will be remembered-unique and fun for all those attending. Many details go into making this happen, and Food For Thought Dining Services is here to help you check several of those details off the list.

Back to School

Back to school season is an exciting time of year. Whether it’s your freshman year in college, or it’s your last year in graduate school, when autumn rolls around students everywhere spend time and money diligently preparing for their classes.

A great way to welcome these hardworking students back to campus is by hosting a back-to-school banquet or other social welcoming event. This is a great way to help everyone meet new friends and let students know their commitment is appreciated. There is nothing better than looking forward to a delicious, professionally catered meal to students who expected no more from move-in week than to be lugging heavy boxes around. Simply offering some special dishes in the cafeteria will be a welcome surprise.

Our Services

Food For Thought has been in the catering industry for over thirty years. We know what kind of food to serve at every kind of event. If you have a detailed menu in mind, we can create it. If you want to modify existing recipes, or focus on specific cuisine such as Mediterranean or South American, we are here for you.

Our talented and dedicated staff offers many options for any and all back to school events. We are well known for providing a wide variety of dining solutions. We use the freshest, in-season ingredients whenever possible, and offer a drop off catering service if all you require is food and table setup. Our full service catering options can includes staff, linens, equipment, utensils, and serving stations.

Food For Thought also specializes in working around food allergies and other dietary limitations. Our inventive chefs are extremely creative and diligent when it comes to cooking up delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and other special dishes for guests with dietary restrictions.

Contact Us

We are best known for our individualized customer service-a catering company that caters to each of our clients based on their specific needs. We know each and every event is different, even if the ceremony, environment, or food itself is similar to another. We always focus on these subtle distinctions to create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind events, so no client is left dissatisfied.

Call Food for Thought today at (847)-786-0892 for your back-to-school event. Let us help you start the beginning of the school year off with a bang!