Food Service Vendor

Many institutions offer dining solutions to their patrons and employees. Those dining options can become a draw for patrons if they produce high quality and affordable food. Food For Thought is a food service vendor that does just that. We produce creative and high quality dining solutions for organizations from businesses and museums, to higher education institutions and corporate offices.

Customized Dining Experience

As a food service vendor to many different kinds of venues we pride ourselves on flexibility and customizability. We rely on the input of our clients and are dedicated to creating dining solutions that are designed to fit each of their needs. From menu choices to presentation, our clients are encouraged to create an experience that will best suit their audience. Flexible solutions also mean we can adjust the menu according to our clients needs. Our job is to create a dining experience that our clients are proud of and that their attendees enjoy.

Good And Good For You Dining

As a food service vendor to many high trafficked institutions we understand we have a responsibility to provide food that tastes good and is nutritious. Food For Thought has made this a dual priority for all of our clients. We offer delicious, healthy menu options designed to promote employee health and corporate responsibility.

Sustainability Promise

As part of our health initiative we have also adopted a sustainable approach to food sourcing, production, and disposal. Food For Thought is a partner of Zero Percent, a Chicago company who connects us with local nonprofits to deliver meals to those in need on a weekly basis. Through this partnership we have drastically reduced our food waste and supplied over 7,000 meals to the community since March.

Food For Thought is Green Seal Certified, which means we meet Green Seal standards of sustainably-sourced food purchasing, waste minimization, use of environmentally-friendly products, and conservation of energy and water. We are dedicated to providing the best food for both our clients and the environment, and that is our sustainability promise.

Leading Chicago Food Service Vendor

If you are looking for a high quality food service vendor for your business or institution look no further. Food For Thought provides delicious food and top tier service that will have your employees and patrons coming back for more. Our creative approach to dining solutions allows you to design your own dining experience. Contact us today and find the right dining concept for you.