Local Food Service Companies

Whether you are a corporation, a university, a hotel, hospital, or any other sort of organizations with dining solution needs, you’ll want to find a local food service company who can meet your demand and deliver fresh, quality food consistently. But with so many local options, how can you decide which company will meet the needs of employees, guests, students, etc.? Below are some of the distinguishing factors among local food service companies.

Chicago Food Service Companies

You’ll need to find a company who can handle your capacity–big or small. It can be difficult for large organizations to find local food service companies who can meet the needs of their entire population while remaining flexible and maintaining high standards of quality. There is often a negative correlation between food amount and quality, meaning that as the number of meals needed goes up, the quality of those meals suffers. At Food For Thought, we make it our mission to maintain the level of quality in our dining solutions no matter what the size of the organization we’re feeding. We put the same level of care into our meals whether we’re cooking for a table of 2 or a conference room of 2,000.


Find someone with the capability to create the menu you want, no matter what that menu is. An exceptional local food service company will work with you to make your vision come true. No menu is too daring or adventurous for Food For Thought.

We also work within the constraints of your organization’s facility and budget to make the most of your meals. It is the job of our staff at Food For Thought to work with your space and budget to create the best possible dining solution for you, using only the freshest local ingredients with your dream menu in mind.

Continual Improvement

We will also make sure to continually review and improve upon your menu. We will take a critical look at which aspects of our programs are working and which aren’t, and make adjustments so that your guests or staff are satisfied. Our commitment to continual improvement makes us a truly unique option among local food service companies.


Having an off-site event? Don’t worry about looking for an outside catering company to handle your needs. Food For Thought has a division dedicated to catering events like yours. You’ll get all your off-site catering needs met without having to do any more research or bother meeting with several other companies. No event is too small or too large for our flexible catering staff. Discuss catering needs with your Food For Thought representative!


Perhaps the most distinguishing factor among local foodservice companies is the compassion they provide to their clients. Food For Thought makes sure to treat every client with the care and compassion required to make every meal served feel & taste like it was home-cooked, especially for each patron. This level of care often gets lost in huge corporate foodservice companies. Choosing a local option helps you maintain this compassion and assures that you’ll be treated like family.