Museum Food Service

How many times have you thought back to a specific trip or place you went and tied a certain memory to the food you ate there? A guest’s experience at different attractions and destinations can be enhanced greatly by the food that is offered there. Food For Thought Dining Services designs guest experiences in national museums, prestigious golf courses, and recreational concessions by bringing unforgettable food and service. By enhancing the guest experience through our food services, you can increase guest satisfaction, and, in all likelihood, return rate.

Food For Thought in Chicago

Located in Chicago, with nearly 100 venue partners in the Chicagoland area, we understand the wants and needs of the Chicago tourist and the Chicago native. We find that delicious food is often on their minds, as Chicago is known for its varied and scrumptious fare. Whether one is taking in a museum exhibit on the weekend, or enjoying a golf game, food is always a great addition to the activity. Food For Thought Dining Services allow your company to focus on what you do best, entertain, while we take care of the food and service.

The Guest Experience

Our expert team is always ready and willing to work with you to customize your guest’s experience. By handing us the reins to create a food service plan that will work for both you and your visitors, you can focus on other important aspects of the museum, golf course, etc. Food For Thought is not only a dining services company; we have spent years in catering and cultivating relationships with a variety of venues, meaning that we understand how to perfectly execute the food portion of your guest’s experience.

Why Choose Food For Thought?

We currently partner with numerous Chicagoland cultural institutions and grew from modest beginnings by focusing on quality, innovation, uncompromising service, and strong relationships. FFT Dining Services is the only local Chicago company with mastery in both on-site food service and catering, as proudly displayed at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium.

We are honored that so many clients continue to trust us with their food service needs. We view our long-term relationships as our greatest success. We strive to create transparent partnerships that are truly special and reflect each client’s unique culture. Provide your guests with the best; contact us today for all of your museum and destination food service needs.