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Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, anniversary or any special occasion, Food For Thought is here to make memorable experiences for all our customers.

Food For Thought – Catering Group Chicago

We are Moment Makers

At Food For Thought Catering Group, we provide the means behind the moment so you can focus on experiencing the magic of the moment.

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Food For Thought – Dining Services Chicago

Bringing concepts to our partners

At Food For Thought Dining Services we make our clients look good. We win when our clients win – and so everything we do is in service of helping them succeed.

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Food For Thought – Event Space Chicago South Loop

More Than a Location

Welcome to 19 East: A historic space designed for contemporary events, inspired by the eclectic spirit of Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.

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Food For Thought – Delivery Services Chicago

Freshly Made

At Food For Thought Delivered, we strive always to make your gatherings, whether in the office or at home deliciously enjoyable with freshly made food delivered right to your door.

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Jul 2018

Food Ideas For Your Next Catered Event's Menu

What makes a special event truly special? Is it the music, the ambiance, the guests themselves? The truth is, a memorable event is made up of several elements, blended expertly together to make magic. Think of it like a symphony played by an orchestra: if one player is out o [...]

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Jul 2018

Wedding Catering Ideas: Cocktails, Apps, Food, and More!

Think about the last wedding you attended. How was the food? Chances are, you remember it. It may not have been very good, or it may have been great. Either way, you’re able to give an honest assessment, kind or unkind as it may be. And the saying is true, it’s bette [...]

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Jul 2016

Is there a better holiday than the 4th of July?

Is there a better holiday than the 4th of July? I’d be hard pressed to find one. Families seem to find a way to get along. Corporate America manages to get everyone an extra day off. The weather is always on point each year. Local produce is in full swing making desserts a [...]

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Best Catering Service in Chicago

One of the reasons we love Chicago is that, in our city, your reputation is earned. You have to put in the work to be successful, and it’s not easy.

For 34 years we’ve been catering Chicago’s most important events, large and small. It’s the reason we’re at the top of and Wedding Wire year after year. It’s the reason we’ve never gotten less than a 5-star Google review. Providing high-quality catering services for three decades isn’t easy, but it’s what we do.

We’ve earned the right to say we’re the best and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Chicago deserves nothing less.

What Sets Us Apart

Our business has never just been about food. It’s about Chicago and it’s people.

Our staff cares about our catering service customers like they’ve been friends for decades: helping them choose a theme, setting up tables, and selecting the best menu items for their special day.

It’s one of the reasons that Chicagoans, from large companies to individuals call us first every time. Just ask around.

You know who the best catering companies are by how many of their customers come back. You can tell even more by how many of their customers refer friends and associates. Our last customer is our best billboard. Their smile at the end of a perfectly catered event is our best advertisement.

From drop-of catering to a full-fledged catering service, our core values and lengthy track record have secured us a place at the top of corporate and residential caterers in Chicago.

Turning a meal at a standard event into a special moment is what we do, without exception. Learning what an event specifically needs and exceeding expectations is our forte.

We look forward to working with you.

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