SustainabilityFor over 30 years, Food For Thought Catering has provided the means and magic behind special moments throughout Chicagoland. We’ve worked diligently to make these moments everyone can feel good about with our Green Seal certification for environmentally responsible food purchasing, operations, and management. For our catering customers, that means quality service and food with reduced environmental impact prepared in a safer, healthier kitchen, especially for your event.


Green Seal Certified

Stewardship – Operate with environmental purchasing policy specifying environmentally-preferable products
Water Conservation – Use water-saving fixtures and take steps to reduce water consumption, and track water consumption
Energy Conservation – Track energy consumption, and appliances are energy efficient and properly maintained
Reduce Waste – Operate a recycling program and minimize the use of disposable items
Education – Train our staff on environmental procedures, and inform customers of practices
Protect Human and Environmental Health – Use environmentally-preferable cleaning products and non-toxic paints with minimal VOCs

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*GS-55 Restaurants and Food Services

Food For Thought Catering Professionals, Inc. meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-55 based on purchase of sustainably-sourced food, waste minimization, use of verified environmentally-preferable products, and conservation of energy and water.