Everyone loves to ask the caterer about our favorite dish or restaurant. We’ve all gotten pretty good at telling a story that keeps folks hanging on every word. It’s kind of our version of an elevator speech but we get the license to take more 15-30 seconds and, depending on our story telling ability, they don’t get bored. Not really challenging since we’re a pretty passionate bunch with regards to what we do for living.
Watching television the other night, I thought about what we actually do at Food For Thought. “We provide the means behind the moment so you can focus on experiencing the magic of the moment. We help make it special, make it rich, make it right — all you have to do is live in it, love in it, laugh in it, shine in it.” Pretty cool stuff. Definitely a good reason to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. This solo time on the couch also provided me some time to reflect on the dishes and restaurants that have provided some special moments:

  • Linz and Vail Gelato in Evanston – Bold, vibrant flavors. Tiny little spoons to slowly savor three flavors that you painstakingly choose and hope eat well together. It’s fun to sit at the rail and look out at Central Street on a warm Indian summer afternoon. Yet what I really remember is going there after the first day of school every year with my twin daughters are moments that I cherish.
  • A hot dog at the ball park – The wafting smells entering the old Tiger Stadium at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit with my Dad or at US Cellular Field in Chicago (with, you guessed it, my daughters) a hot dog never with golden brown onions never tasted better after getting that first glimpse of emerald green grass.
  • Bruschetta of the season at Union in Evanston – The combination of crusty grilled bread, savory puree of beans, peas or root vegetables and seasonal vegetables is always mouthwateringly delicious. The glowing warmth of giant wood burning stove accentuated by conversation with my wife. It’s always a place we can go to be alone and enjoy each other’s company.

This list came to me with little thought or consideration. Certainly nothing fancy or magazine cover worthy. Jotting them down I realized I don’t really have favorite dishes or restaurants. I have favorite moments. Moments breaking bread where I can live, love and laugh. Times where I’m actually able to block out the world and be in the moment.
During this very special time of year, we wish everyone the chance to enjoy the simple things in life. Whether it’s a holiday libation, a mug of hot chocolate, a plate of cookies or a home cooked meal take time to live in the moment and savor time with someone you love.
Happy Holidays!

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Posted on December 14th, 2015 at 7:07 am [ssba]