Business Development and Meetings

Do you suffer from burnout? Is there a heavy, sad feeling around your office? A change in scenery can lead to inspiration and regeneration for those who work 40 or more hours per week. A great way to inspire and regenerate your employees who spend 40 or more hours a week working for you is to cater a business development training session or event. Catering is a great solution for various business occasions, such as business meetings with people investing time and money in your company.

Consider Food For Thought Catering Service for your next business event.

Business Development

The drawl of the daily nine-to-five can decrease motivation and productivity amongst staff members. A business development workshop can bring a new energy to your workplace. In addition to expanding your staff’s knowledge and experience to benefit motivation and productivity, catering in a lunch for all participants can boost morale and keep everyone satisfied and focused. Food For Thought employs expert chefs and service professionals who will deliver just what you need to show your coworkers your appreciation. Just call up our office, give us some details as to your occasion, the number of people you will be feeding and any special diet requests and we can take care of the rest!


A surefire way to knock the socks off a potential client, partner or investor is to cater in food for a big meeting. After all, you have important business to cover, so why disrupt it by venturing out to find a fast food joint nearby? Catering a healthy meal made with quality ingredients will surely be appreciated, especially if you are meeting with folks traveling to Chicago from out of town. Just as we do with business development events, we take care to understand your catering needs to deliver a meal that will exceed expectations!

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Get your employees excited or impress clients by catering in lunch from Food For Thought. We have been crafting and serving specialized menus for companies across the Chicagoland area for more than 30 years. Let us worry about the meal so you can stay focused on your work. Get more information on our website, or call our office at 847-813-7240 to set up a consultation.