Celebrating the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, it seems there is never enough time to celebrate. Whether you are rushing around buying presents for the family, or attending office parties, the holiday season can end up being very hectic and stressful. However, celebrating at this time of year with friends and loved ones is part of what makes it all worth it.

Many people like to host holiday parties at their homes, or even nostalgic event spaces. However, planning a party can be twice as difficult during the holiday season than it is any other time of the year. Not only do you have to find the perfect time to fit the event into your guests’ schedules, but you have to send invitations, put up decorations, and provide delectable holiday cuisine.

Food for Thought’s catering services can help. Our company has been in the catering business for over thirty years. We provide our clients with personalized, delectable menu options and reliable service, whether you take advantage of our delivery option, or you hire us for your in-house event.

Your Vision

Food for Thought takes great pride in providing a delicious menu for your guests. We have catered nearly every kind of party and event you can imagine, so we know how to tailor the menu to your ideal vision. Our experienced chefs will work with you to customize any recipe, or recreate ones you already have in mind, so every guest will get a taste of something wonderful. We also cater to any and all food restrictions.

At any holiday party, it is customary to offer various wines, spirits, and cocktails. Food for Thought works with inventive mixologists and professional bartenders to provide our clients with the most superb cocktails and concoctions they have ever tasted-adding festivity and flavor to any event.

Parties can be hectic, especially if you realize the number of guests has climbed from sixty to one hundred as a result of one forwarded email invitation. If you are interested in hosting your holiday party at an event space rather than your home this year, check out Food for Thought’s very own 19 East. This versatile event location is situated in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop, and perfect for any kind type of holiday celebration you can imagine.

Food for Thought

If you are looking for the perfect caterer to hire for your holiday party, look no further than Food for Thought. It is always our goal to provide clients with superb service, and an event experience they will not soon forget.