Happy Hour

Happy hour is an exceedingly popular idea put forth by establishments across Chicagoland. It often expounds on the concept of enjoying a drink before dinnertime, and always includes discounts or specials on various alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Sometimes bar snacks and grilled morsels are served alongside these drinks to entice consumers and sweeten the deal.

Patrons will often go out of their way just to find a decent happy hour location, and when they do they continue going to that bar or restaurant in the future. However, while attending is easy, hosting your own happy hour, whether it be for a family occasion or special event, can be difficult.

When happy hour is personalized, it doesn’t usually include appetizer specials or beer bargains. Often, happy hours at weddings, reunions, galas, and other events are simply a fun way to describe an open bar. Sometimes it’s the chosen time period for when drinks will be served, or when certain bartenders arrive to produce creative cocktails. No matter what, when the term “happy hour” is getting thrown around, people expect an exciting array of drink options and preferably, scrumptious appetizers.

Chicago Catering Highlights

The key to a wonderful happy hour lies in the cocktails and the food offered alongside them. To find a great Chicago catering company suitable for your event, and capable of putting on a fantastic happy hour, you want to look for style, resources, and application.

Food for Thought is a dining and catering service that has been serving the citizens of Chicago wonderful meals and cocktails for over thirty years. With our experience, endless ingredients list, precision, flexibility, and dedicated , personable team, we will help you host the best happy hour anyone as ever attended.

When Food For Thought caters happy hour, we understand you want to impress and satisfy your guests. That is why we provide the best ingredients and varying menu options. We try to obtain and use organic products whenever viable. Our bar packages will include these ingredients, usually procured from local and sustainable sources.

For appetizers, we offer the same quality of ingredients and unparalleled flexibility in choices. We always maintain consistent proportions so as not to override the drinks with heavy food, keeping our morsels bite-sized and easy to enjoy.

Every cocktail we produce is created with inventive and fun techniques. We strive to extend our reach in the world of mixology and alcoholic treats, often collaborating with local experts to spark new ideas. We can easily recommend what drink options will go best with your chosen appetizers.

A Five Star Chicago Catering Company

Food For Thought is a company that enjoys putting a spin on things, from our drink menu to our mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres, which is why our happy hours are some of the best in Chicago. Contact us today via email, when you visit our website, or by calling 847-892-1397.