Wedding Food and Themes

When it comes time to plan your wedding, the amount of decisions to be made is extremely overwhelming. You know you’ll need to get a wedding dress, a venue, etc., but many do not think of the minute details, such as glassware at the reception, the color ribbon around the bouquet, and more. One way to help you make these decisions is by choosing a theme. The idea of a “themed” wedding can sound tacky in theory, but can actually help tie everything together in practice. Themes can range from a simple color scheme to a full 1920’s “Gatsby” theme. No matter what you choose, this theme can be translated to your food!

How to Choose the Food

We all know the age-old question, “Chicken or fish?”. However, more and more couples are deciding to change up their food options, from a brunch buffet to a mac-and-cheese bar! Fortunately, our caterers at Food For Thought Catering Group can customize your wedding food as much as you would like. You no longer need to simply offer either a buffet with mediocre food or a bland chicken dish. However, with this freedom, come many decisions, which is why a theme can help you choose the food you want to serve.

Potential Themes

Here at Food For Thought Catering Group, our caterers can make magic out of any dish. We love when couples are willing to try out something new, rather than sticking with an old stand by. We can work with any theme, and many choose a “theme” for just the food rather than the wedding just to help make decisions. Examples include breakfast for dinner, finger foods, food trucks, mini-everything, and more! Whenever the bride and groom can make it unique to them, the more your guests will love it. For example, if you met at a college football tailgate, think about having a BBQ theme for your food. Let your creativity shine through-or have us come up with some fun ideas for you!

Customizing Your Food

Once you have settled on a theme, our caterers are happy to help you decide on the perfect dishes to serve at your wedding reception. Whether you have the exact menu planned out, or just know that you want to have two dessert options, our experts are here to assist! We can provide ideas on serving size, actual dishes, logistics of serving based on how many people are in attendance, and more. We believe that food is an important part of any event, and can add a unique, customized touch to any day! This rings especially true on your wedding day; when the bride and the groom are able to bring their own sensibility and taste into the food, it makes the event seem even more intimate and special. Contact Food For Thought Catering Group today!