Your Wedding Caterer

When planning your wedding, one of the most important things to check off the to-do list is finding the right caterer. Not every wedding caterer is the same, and anyone can attest that if the food isn’t good or the portions are too small, guests can find it difficult to enjoy themselves at the reception.

The best way to find a good wedding caterer is to seek out a company that is experienced, reputable, and flexible. You don’t want to pay for dinner for a hundred or more guests and find out later the recipe changes you requested were never completed. You also wouldn’t want guests with allergies to be excluded from the meal, or for the portions to turn out smaller than they were on the day of your tasting.

Food For Thought has catered hundreds of different events at numerous locations across Chicagoland, from launch parties and weddings, to corporate affairs. When Food For Thought caters a reception, we work personally with our clients to make sure every option is explored and made available, whether you need a list of kosher menu options or a late night reception snack for those guests who stay until the very end.

Good Food Means Grateful Guests

Not only is it imperative to make sure your guests have options, you must also make certain they don’t go hungry. Hors d’oeuvres followed by a large meal at the beginning of the night is a wonderful start to any celebration, but after drinks, hours of dancing, and plenty of picture taking, guests will likely find themselves getting hungry again later on.

A great way to be sure your friends and family are satisfied long after dinner and dessert has been served is with a late night snack. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can provide anything from decadent chocolate treats and coffee, to mini tacos and fresh sangria. You don’t have to provide an entire third or fifth course, just think of what you crave after drinking and dancing all night long. Often, nothing sounds better than a slice of pizza.

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If you are searching for a caterer who will rise above the rest, and work with you to personalize your wedding reception, look no further than Food For Thought. We will make sure everything is better than you imagined it, from the entrees, to late night wedding reception snacks. You can depend on us to exceed yours, and your guests’, expectations.