Catering for Networking Events

Hosting a successful networking event requires a lot of time and planning. In order to draw in guests, there needs to be a clear purpose for the event that will benefit everyone involved. You need to decide the scale of the event, whether it will be mid-size, large or small. Will this networking event be a one-time event or monthly gatherings? A venue will need to be selected and secured as soon as possible. If you’re planning to host a mid-size to large event, you will need to send invitations or do some marketing to get the word out. You will need to craft an agenda so that your guests can have clear expectations. The key to a successful networking event is to facilitate mingling.

Planning Refreshments Thoughtfully

One of the greatest ways to facilitate mingling is to have superb refreshments. When choosing refreshments for a networking event, you want recharge guests to keep the energy alive. Hosting a corporate networking event is quite different than a luncheon, conference, or business dinner. Guests at a networking event will want something that they can eat on the go while mingling. Sitting down to eat a full meal will take time away from meeting new people, getting leads or referrals. It is important that refreshments are kept light and easy. A good rule of thumb for a networking event is to provide nothing that requires a fork and knife.

Benefits To Catering Your Networking Event

When it comes to refreshments at your networking event, it is a good idea to avoid a buffet style table. Often times, when a buffet table is used, your guests will tend to crowd around the table throughout the event. Crowding around the buffet table will take away from the mingling atmosphere you are trying to create at your networking event. Hiring a caterer to serve refreshments at your networking event will help keep the conversations flowing.

Your Networking Caterer

Choosing a catering company for your networking event is more than just choosing someone to deliver food. At Food For Thought, we handle everything from bartending to waiting tables. Our staff has the experience to make sure your any event runs smoothly. We understand that networking is an extension of your brand; we will meet with you to get the details just right. With complimentary tastings, we will help you find a selection of refreshments that will engage your guests with all five senses. We partner with nearly 100 venues, so we are sure we will have a location to fit your needs. No event is the same and our one-on-one services are customized to meet your unique needs.