Pleasing Your Guests

Planning a wedding can be stressful. When creating the menu, you want great food that your guests will enjoy as much as you do. Making sure everyone has a good time on your big day is paramount, so keeping things like dietary restrictions, individual life choices, and seasonal ingredients in mind will help make sure you accomplish this.

How Your Caterer Can Help with Food Restrictions

A good wedding caterer can accommodate innumerable dietary restrictions while still offering your guests delicious meals. Whether your maid of honor follows a vegetarian diet, your favorite uncle is allergic to peanuts, or any of your guests suffer from gluten intolerance, Food For Thought can create delicious meals for everyone.

No matter the concern, a good caterer can help please all of your guests in numerous ways. For instance, perhaps your mother is lactose intolerant but you want to serve a specific, cream based soup for your first course. Food For Thought can easily produce any variant of that soup for guests who have allergies.

Another way your wedding caterer can help please your guests is by making certain all dishes are properly labeled and cross contamination is avoided. If your caterer goes to the trouble of baking mini gluten free cheesecakes for the dessert table, you want them to be identified, and you want to be assured there was no flour or other gluten products accidentally mixed with the ingredients used for that dessert.

If you are having food stations, or even if you go the buffet route, consider placing special food items at separate tables. Your caterer should be able to segregate the kosher meat from non-kosher, and vegan desserts from non-vegan. This way, none of your guests will accidentally eat something they shouldn’t.

Guest Comfort

Another way your wedding caterer can help keep all your guests happy is to set up the reception seating properly. Well experienced catering services will make certain your tables are properly spaced and that the seating is comfortably arranged. You wouldn’t want your guests literally bumping elbows while trying to cut their steaks.

Timing is Everything

Finally, timely food service is extremely important when it comes to your wedding reception. There are speeches and other announcements that take place before, during, and after dinner, so it takes proper planning to ensure everybody can enjoy their meals at the same time, without interrupting these festivities. You do not want some of your guests waiting on their food, left to peer over at the next table enjoying their dinner. Additionally, your caterer should not rush anyone through his or her meal.

At Food for Thought, we understand these unwritten guidelines and will make sure things run smoothly, adapting to the inevitable adjustments perfectly.